It is important to order the correct parts for your A.J.S scooter or motorcycle.
There are important differences between Euro 3 and Euro 4/5 parts.
1) Euro 3 models have carburetters and Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI)
2) Euro 4/5 models have Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) or Electronic Carburetters and an Engine Control Unit (ECU) to control ignition and fuel management.

Tip: Only Euro 4/5 models have Malfunction Indicator Lights (MIL) on the speedometer. The MIL will blink a code if there is a fault.

From July 2018 the Ajs Firefox 50 changed from 2 Stroke to 4 Stroke to meet Euro 4 emissions.

2011 to 2017 Euro 3 (two stroke)
VINs begin with: L4HFTBBP*B6001176 and end at L4HFTBBP*H6001417
(* is a random character)

2018 to 2020 Euro 4 (4 stroke models)

VINs begin with L4H4FA10*J6000346 and end L4H4FA10*L6000159
(* is a random character)

Euro 5 VINs start at L4H4FA10*M6000159 – ongoing
(* is a random character)

In September 1974 after the collapse of Norton Villiers, Fluff Brown and Clive Ellis took over the AJS concern, tooling and parts for the AJS Stormer scrambles bikes. They started trading as FB-AJS of Andover, at Flint Farm, Goodworth Clatford in Hampshire and were granted rights to manufacture motorcycles under the FB-AJS name. FB-AJS became incorporated as AJS Motorcycles Ltd. in August 1987. Clive Ellis left the company in 1975. Fluff Brown continued to supply the trade with Stormer spare parts he also manufactured and sold scrambles bikes for the clubman racer throughout the 1970s and 1980s, finally using Austrian Rotax engines and a new chassis developed by Brian Curtis. In the 1990s Fluff Brown, along with his eldest son Nick, produced replica Cotton Cobra 250 Pre’65 scramblers and replica Cotton Telstar racers. Fluff’s venture formed the platform for AJS Motorcycles Ltd. and the continuation of the business today. Today AJS offer a range of lightweight motorcycles and scooters which are distributed through their UK dealer network and imported into Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, Japan and S. Korea


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