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The Honda ST 1100 Pan European had a 1,085 cc longitudinal 90-degree V4 engine. The fuel tank was located below the saddle (the tank at the usual location is actually the cover for the air filter) to lower the center of gravity and thus improve the handling. It was manufactured by Honda between 1990 and 2002. A police variant, the Honda ST 1100 Pan European p, was available for several more years.

Honda ST 1100 Pan European was optimized for long-distance touring with the following features:

  • A longitudinal V-4 engine layout with low maintenance shaft drive
  • Optional antilock brakes (ABS) and traction control system (TCS). ABS model years from 1992 through 1995 have conventional separate front and rear braking systems. After 1996, ABS-equipped bikes have front-rear linked brakes (LBS).
  • An exceptionally large 28 l (7.4 US gallon) fuel tank, giving a range of about 300 highway miles (480 km).
  • A large 40 amp, air-cooled alternator to power multiple accessories such as auxiliary lighting and electrically heated clothing (Early models had a problematic 28 amp alternator which could be upgraded to the 40 amp version)

Weighing around 290 kg (640 lb), the ST1100 was no lightweight. The bike was fitted with wing-shaped tipover protectors projecting from the side of the lower part of the fairing. These would not only protect the bike and cylinder heads in a crash, but, should the rider drop the bike on its side, would prevent this very heavy bike from leaning over so far that it would be nigh impossible to pick up again; the panniers also helped in this matter. The ST1100 low-mounted rear-view mirrors were particularly effective.


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